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Provided by External Vendors

Funerary Services

Rawda Cemetery has teamed up with Fenton-local Temrowski Funeral Home to provide all the services you need to prepare your loved one to begin the journey to the Hereafter. 

Services include: 
  • Professional Services 
  • Professional services of Funeral Director/Staff 
  • Facilities and Equipment 
  • Staff and Facility for 5-hour Visitation 
  • Funeral Services conducted at Funeral Home 
  • Graveside Committal Service
  • Open and Close Grave

Transport Transfer to Funeral Home (30-mile radius) 

  •  Use of Funeral Coach 
  •  Document Transfer Vehicle 
 Projected total cost: $3800.00 
Services: Outside Vendors
Services: Outside Vendors

Out of State Fees: $1100+

By law, an out of state funeral home must be involved for necessary removal, transport and permits. Fees vary depending on state. Transportation fees also apply.

Out of State Transport

If transporting a body from outside the local area of Fenton, Michigan, Temrowski Funeral Home is able to arrange transportation from around the continental United States by air or by funeral coach with very short notice, at an additional cost. Due to our nature as a ‘Green’ cemetery, embalming of the body is not required.

Driving Fees:  $2.55 per mile 

For death occurring in US states within a reasonable distance, ground transportation is used. (Religious exemptions permit the transport of un-embalmed human remains)

An additional $2.55 per mile will apply, plus any additional fuel fees. (Please note that the out-of-state fees will still apply)

Airline fees: $700 – $1500

Religious exemptions permit the transport of un-embalmed human remains, (please note that the out-of-state fees still apply).

Headstone/Grave Marker: $525 and up

24 x 12 x 4 Marker includes all lettering and art. Arabic inscriptions are available.

Services: Outside Vendors