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Funeral Services

Rawda Cemetery provides and works with our friends locally for all funeral and burial arrangements including transport, preparation, recording and filing necessary forms, prayers, burial, memorials, and grave markers.

We understand that beliefs and traditions are one of the most important aspects of the funeral and burial process. Our highly trained staff is equipped to perform the duties and rituals that are required upon a person’s passing.

From the etiquette of washing and shrouding the body, to performing the prayers, we have the experience and education to fulfill these essential and significant duties.

Memorial services offer an opportunity for family and loved ones to transition and honor the memory with those closest to them. We work with our friends to provide facilities and make arrangements to ensure the service is as complete as it deserves to be.

To ensure that we protect and maintain the integrity of the land an environment, we offer specialty grave markers and headstones designed to represent your loved one and honor their name.

We work hand in hand with the family of the departed to ensure that all needs are met and questions are answered. With us, you will find the support and comfort that will help guide you through the process.

Cemetery Services

Our cemetery is a home to all who reside here, our honor is to treat it as our own.

We prepare our burial sites with the utmost care to preserve the natural state of the grounds and ensure that the resting place meets all required specifications and requirements.

Our obligation to maintain the peaceful serenity of the natural landscape and environment is the foundation of our mission. Ensuring that our cemetery is kept with the highest of standards in exceptional order is our trust and promise to you.


External Vendor Services

In addition to services Rawda Cemetery provides, burial entails the use of third-party resources for funerary services, as required by state law. Through Rawda Cemetery’s excellent relationship with the local Temrowski Family Funeral Home, these services are available to Rawda’s customers at very reasonable prices.

Have questions? Let us know, we would be pleased to help.